Christa Pirl Services


Christa Pirl provides full service interior design services from concept through project management for residential and boutique commercial properties. Christa will work closely with you, your architect and builder to select and advise on all aspects of a project from space planning to hard finishes to furniture, artwork and accessories. Christa draws on her varied education and background to infuse each project with history, depth and individuality. She strives to create eclectic, livable and unique interiors suited to each individual client’s needs and particular lifestyle.


Christa Pirl maintains a special place in her heart for antique, vintage and cast out or hidden furniture gems. Christa works with clients who desire to revive cherished family heirlooms, breathe new life into fleamarket finds, or seek out antiques perfectly suited for their space. Christa’s Sotheby’s education takes center stage as she works closely with a trusted team of refinishers and upholsterers to create a modern reinterpretation of classic antique and vintage pieces. Her unique take on restoration means she respects the history of each piece, but is not bound by the past. Her restorations not only accounts for a chair’s individual story and journey, but also for modern living, her client’s needs, and of course, a contemporary sense of style.


Christa Pirl works closely with clients to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces when items readily available in the marketplace just will not do. Whether it is custom sizing, coloring or the desire for something rare, Christa’s extensive network of artisans and craftsmen can create exactly what is required, often at a highly competitive cost. Christa’s intimate knowledge of furniture history and design ensures a high quality, functional and comfortable product.


Christa has always been drawn to the written word and found a particular calling when she began writing about interiors and decorative arts.  She is a regular contributor to popular lifestyle magazine Domino, and has been published in several other online design magazines as well as in print in The Economist.  Christa offers her skills to other designers; those who may not be able to so eloquently and clearly describe their own strengths and style preferences on their websites and social media platforms.  Christa is currently working on her first book.


Christa’s expert knowledge of design and decorative arts history allows her to lecture at special design events as well as teach continuing education and college level classes.  She was lead interior design faculty at the Art Institute Salt Lake City for three years and taught at both Weber State University and Drake University.  She has lectured at events for ASID, the Iowa Architectural Foundation, Sotheby’s Institute and several local charity and community organizations.  She continues to pursue speaking opportunities on topics near and dear to her heart, including the development of the interior design field in the early part of the 20th century, the Aesthetic movement, and Scandinavian design.