The Maxwells and Abigale

The Maxwells

This dapper pair of 1950s low loungers are ready for a relaxed evening at home.  Petite in scale, but perfectly comfortable, they are transformed by an abstracted Greek-inspired print of gray and celery with an extra supportive lumbar pillow.  Their lines are clearly modern, but never too harsh or uncomfortably angular; they ring true in a clear Mid-Century ‘soft modern’ style.



This Treasured family heirloom, Abigale is quite the Victorian lady.  However, she was in dire need of a fresh cloak that reflected her true style.  The delicate carving (in excellent condition all around) at the armrests and knees speak to the elegance and high quality of the overall design and form.  She surely would have been very much at home in any formal ladies parlor any day of the week in 1880-ish.


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