About Christa Pirl

Influential Childhood

Raised in New York City and Norway by antique-obsessed furniture and wallpaper designers, Christa’s design education began early.  Summer holidays included extensive stops at dusty antique shops and hours-long drives on the hunt for supposed ‘undiscovered’ charming villas.  Christa’s most embarrassing childhood moments involved one or both parents inquisitively caressing a vintage papered wall.  Of course today Christa is often spotted engaged in the same caressing.


Her hands-on childhood education was followed by one more formal, including a BFA in Interior Design from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City and a Masters of Decorative Art History from the famed Sotheby’s Institute. Throughout her education Christa gained expert and intimate knowledge of the fine art, furniture and interiors business, studied abroad in both London and Paris, and experienced life behind the scenes at notable design events such as the Armory Winter Antiques Show.


Christa started her career in Hawaii designing elegant vacation properties and high-end hospitality spaces under the noted architect Peter Vincent.  When Hawaii was no longer exotic enough, she moved to the very ends of the earth to soak up a truly unique mix of traditional English and Pacific Island styles formed in New Zealand.  Here she honed her skills in both residential and retail design.


Finally feeling the call of home, Christa returned to New York City where she established Christa Pirl Interiors, a full service design firm focusing on eclectic, contemporary and livable spaces infused with a sense of history and tradition.  However, it did not take many years before Christa again felt the call of the wild and shifted her business to Park City, Utah where she instilled in her spaces a distinct sense of nature, the mountains and just a hint of the industrial mining past of the region.


After firmly establishing her interiors business, Christa felt the urge to expand her particular design sensibility into furniture and fabrics.  In 2012 Christa eloped Christa Pirl Furniture, a custom vintage and antique restoration consultancy, followed by a custom fabric line, developed with her father, based on both traditional French and Japanese motifs.


Christa shares her love and deep knowledge of design through college level teaching, continuing education classes, and special events lecturing.  Christa often contributes to online and print publications sharing her particular love of late Victorian and early 20th Century design history.


Her design obsession encompasses all aspects of her life; preferred holidays consist of rambling through Versailles or the Victoria and Albert Museum, lingering in Decorative Arts Departments, and salivating over Robert Adam settees and the like.  Christa lives and breathes all aspects of the designed world and revels in meeting her client’s every practical (and however impractical) need and desire.

What Clients Are Saying

I have and continue to recommend Christa Pirl Interiors to anyone and everyone that is in need of design consulting. Christa and I have worked together on over 16 home remodel/renovation projects and every time I work with her I am always impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail, design styles, punctuality, and her amazing attitude!
Hunter Virden, Windermere Real Estate, Salt Lake City
Christa paid attention to detail, making sure everything had the right finish and fit into the space perfectly. Moreover, she has superb taste. I myself am an artist but could not have organized and designed my home without Christa's professional eye.
Jillian B., New York
As a builder I cannot say enough good about Christa Pirl. She has a great eye for design, creates excellent detail drawings, and my clients have loved Christa's easy to work with personality.
Garrett Strong, Tall Pines Construction, Park City
Christa helped me with everything from designing the layout of rooms to choosing furniture, decor, paint colors, and wallpaper, to actually shopping for me and hanging pictures. She is great at combining classic and contemporary styles, and made sure that all of the designs she provided incorporated my family's needs (i.e., items that can hold up against two toddlers and a dog). I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again!
Jessica G., St Louis
Christa is an effective lecturer, with expansive knowledge and experience in the design industry and passion for her profession. Her dedication to sharing her time and talents is greatly appreciated. I would sincerely recommend her for any lecturer or teaching position.
Carolyn Hepperly, Executive Director, Iowa Architectural Foundation