The Modern Farmhouse Not Meant To Be Mine

black white kitchen

It’s been one year since my divorce was finalized and two years since I left what was supposed to be my dream house. Built in 1900 on a quiet, pretty block, the simple foursquare needed a major overhaul but had great potential and period details. The perfect candidate for a modern farmhouse with my own twist. I managed the near-gut renovation myself. It was the project I had waited for. When I separated from my husband, I had just started furnishing it. I only spent a few months in the house. I loved it, but it was not meant to be. It was not supposed to be my home.

For a long time, it was an additional wound, another loss amongst the many of the last two years. I was not able to look at the photos or feel good about what I had done with the house. But after a year of independence and healing and newfound confidence, I can now look at this project as just that. A project. Something I created and am proud of. A house that embodies much of my personal design sensibilities. Even though it was not fully realized to the level of detail I would have liked. Today, it is finally time to share the photos of a project I love. You will see lots of black and white, original woodwork next to clean updated elements, and hopefully a timeless blending of old and new creating a space that is livable but feels linked to the past.

modern farmhouse exterior


classic kitchen black and white


black white farmhouse dining room

farmhouse remodel dining room bw

living room farmhouse style

midmod chair


chanderlier light fixture


modern farmhouse bathroom


graphic shower tile


black and white bedding

bedroom eclectic


black and white bedroom


eclectic interior vintage chair

library navy walls


vintage artwork


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What a beautiful home! Thank you for your vulnerability; you did a beautiful job on this project, and the new home-owner are very lucky indeed! Wishing you well on your next project.

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