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Wow, anyone been wondering what on earth happened to me?  When I last posted I was in the midst of a major gut and renovation of a 1900 house I had purchased for myself and my husband.  No, the renovation did not go horribly awry, the house did not collapse or burn down.  By June phase one was almost complete and I was ready to show off some very pretty pictures and begin blogging in more detail about all my crazy renovation experiences.

That is when my life fell apart.  It is something I have not had the strength to deal with here, until now.  My marriage ended.

This event was followed by massive upheaval, I moved out of my beloved newly renovated house, back to Salt Lake City, into my old condo.  I moved all my personal possessions into storage.  Then I proceeded to grieve.  And attempt to figure out what I was going to do with the second half of my life.

After 6 months, I am feeling stronger and ready to pour my energies back into the great love of my life: design and decorative arts.  My future is still very unclear, but right now I am focusing on what I can do to invest in myself and make me feel good and positive.

And a big part of that is sharing my design love with others.  So while the final house reveal photos  and memoirs will have to wait  (until I have the emotional strength to write about it), I will be back to regular blogging!

I hope after all these months you will come back to read about all my silly design obsessions and see some of the new, exciting projects I am working on.   I have greatly appreciated all your comments and support over the years and look forward to engaging with you again.

And hopefully to entice you to come back for updates, I have included a little peak at the house I renovated, that I no longer call home, but that will always be an important part of my design portfolio and heart.












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