The Next Big Project

The time has finally come.  I am finally starting on a big project of my own.  A house.  An old, dated, slightly stinky, but highly charming house.  Sure, I did some minor work to both my condos (painting, flooring, furniture), but never have I undertaken such a comprehensive project for myself.

I know most cringe at the idea of months-long renovations, unexpected costs and unforeseen horrors beneath old walls, but not me.   It has been a lifelong dream.  And since my husband prefers new builds, this may well be my one chance.  Still not totally sure how I talked him into buying a house built in 1900.  Actually, not really sure how he talked me into buying a house in Iowa.  But that is a tale for another day.

Today, I just say, its mine, all mine.  Stay tuned.

old house renovation




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