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Last year I worked with Tall Pines Construction to design an actual log cabin in the woods behind and above Park City.  It was quite a unique project for an extended family.  This was to be their winter hideout and ski base and they desired a space that felt both rustic and luxurious.  It was certainly a challenge to work with a space where floors, walls and ceiling were all wood, and wood that was not necessarily chosen for its look, but for its functionality!  But we ended up with a great backdrop for creating a rustic space.  The logs are a great mix of light to medium brown with quite distinctive grays coming through.  This was helpful to my design scheme, because we could pull out the gray and add black to include design elements inspired by the local mining history of the area.  This mining history, together with the natural beauty of the surrounds, were key inspirations for the design.

Today I am only revealing the kitchen, but stay tuned for the rest of the project soon.  The kitchen was just entered into the Thermador Kitchen Design Contest, as all Thermador appliances were used in the kitchen.  I am excited to see how it does, as it is a unique space, even for Utah!  If we win in the regional competition, the project and 2 people working on it, get to go to the national awards gala.  Fingers crossed!

Here is an overall shot, as you can see the kitchen is not huge, and it did not need to be despite the fact the house holds lots of people.  This is a vacation home, so supplies are at a minimum.  But we made sure there was lots of refrigeration in case anyone was snowed in!  I love how the floors turned out, they really look as though they have been in the house much longer than a few months!  The wood ceilings give a warm, cocoon-like feel to the space, and backsplash really became a focal point.  The pendant lights over the island have a fine metal mesh around the glass shades, which adds great reflection on the ceiling.

rustic kitchen mountain style

mountain kitchen

rustic luxury kitchen thermador


The cabinet color pulls the warmth of the floor perfectly, and the stainless steel appliances work in so well with the gray barnwood on the dining room walls and the backsplash.

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We used matte black plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and lighting throughout, which is such a nice upgrade from oil-rubbed bronze which has been done to death in the mountains.  And the granite countertops, well, they really speak for themselves!  There is a lot of pattern on pattern, lots of movement, but the colors are so well matched that the whole thing just works!

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