I am very excited to be so close to the completion of my office design!  The space is already making me smile while answering emails and even drafting!

The biggest change this week is all one one side of the room, the side I like to call the ‘lounger’ side.  This is my space when I need to not be at a desk in front of a computer but hopefully still be somewhat productive.

Until a few days ago I had this chair holding the spot for concept together with the metal rolling storage cabinet.  It was not right, but it worked for the idea of things to come.


Yesterday I managed to dig out a lovely deconstructed Eastlake settee from the back of my storage unit and it now as assumed its rightful place in my little lounge nook.  I love the texture and warmth this adds, and the settee is in better condition than the chair, so I can actually sit on it!  My second custom painting arrived, which is hung with care over the settee.  The pillows from my custom stock are in place,  and a little collection of vintage art has been hung gallery style.  A white Mongolian sheepskin has become my puppy’s favorite snoozing spot.







My barcart is in place and I have completed a first pass at accessories and barware.  Still needs tweaking, but it is starting to look finished!  The painting is a smaller, sketch version of the piece over the settee in light sepia tones, and the ‘Finished Goods’ metal sign and gold tray are local antique store finds.


The working side of the office is still a bit of a disaster.  That will have to wait until the final reveal!


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