I am excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge by Calling It Home.  If you are not familiar, this is a semi-annual event created to help people finish designing one room in one month.  It is easy to lose steam when decorating for yourself, so this is a nice kick in the pants to get a space done!  There are 20 professional designers chosen as featured participants, and in addition, anyone with a project can participate.  See the professional projects here and the guest projects here.


A few months ago I moved into a true, dedicated office space, something I have been dreaming of for years.  I have had my own interiors business for about ten years now, but between many cross-country and international moves, going back to school to get my masters degree in the history of decorative arts, and the recession, I have always worked out of a bedroom or in a corner of my living room.  It was time.


And I was so happy to find a nearly blank slate to work with.  My space has white walls, exposed ceilings and black lacquer floors.   Two windows add lots of natural light and my landlord added a Tom Dixon pendant in the center of the space, a pretty nice little bonus.






And I even scored a sliver of a view of the sculpture park across the street!



I have been blessed with many fantastic clients that offer me the opportunity to work on great projects, but I must admit it is very exciting to be working for myself alone.  The last project I did for myself was my condo in Salt Lake City, which was almost 8 years ago now.  I absolutely love the way it turned out, but my style has matured and developed of the past 8 years.  Of course the project was not completely for myself either, since I did have a pesky husband that wanted a bit of input.  Fair enough!




So one of the first things I did was scour Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration image.  To me this is a critical step in any project, and probably one of the most fun.  I came up with a lot of ideas.  A LOT.  I knew I wanted a space that was pleasant and functional to work in, but also a bit of a show space for my aesthetic.

I considered a mix of antique and modern with bright color, but it was just not quite ‘me’-



Then I entertained a black and white pallet with rich blues and emerald which I adore, but decided I would prefer not to paint a lot in my rented space and thought this would then mean a lot of upholstery work which I also wanted to avoid if possible since I already own A LOT of upholstered pieces in black and white-



And really, I found myself gravitating to the same sorts of images again and again… black and white mixed with raw linens and other similar textures.  A mix of clean contemporary pieces with a decided dash of Neoclassicism and bold Abstract Expressionist inspired artwork.





I knew this was where my heart resided.  And I knew I already had several pieces that would work really well with this scheme.  Armed with a clear creative vision, it is now time to start on the practicalities!  I have been working in a basically empty space with simple round table (a Saarinen knock-off from CB2) , a chair that has not been reupholstered and some simple shelves from Room and Board.  It is a mess.  For next week I will work on space planning, organizing and such, and do a first round of the fun stuff- artwork and upholstery!  Please come back for the next steps!



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