Last week I embarked on the ‘One Room Challenge’ from ‘Calling It Home’.  This is a great event held twice a year, where designers and bloggers can post their progress and work towards a finished design over 5 weeks.  Today is the second posting day, and here is my progress.  To see where I started last week, visit this blog post.


After dreaming about all the possibilities for my space, I needed to draw up a floorplan and think about the space practically.  I did a site measure and played with a few layout options.  I wanted to face out into the space and preferred to be facing towards the sculpture park.  This situated my desk easily.  I decided against a lot of storage, as I knew I would only find things to fill it with.  I don’t want to accrue a large amount of samples or catalogs or miscellaneous papers.  Something I am very good at doing.  It runs in the family.  I would like a desk with good working space that would also function well if I had a client in for a meeting.  I also feel it is important for creatives to have more than one spot to sit in all day.  I like moving around, gaining a different perspective.  So a small casual seating area is a priority.

Here is my working floorplan-


I already have the long, low storage shelves, pieces I purchased from Room and Board.  I just love these, I bought two so they sit along the full length of the wall behind my desk.  room-and-board-slim-media-storage

I also already have a cow hide rug in black and white that I just love.  It used to be in my living room, but my black and white puppy loved chewing on it, so it had to go into storage for a while.  Now it has migrated to the office.


After an exhaustive search for a vintage bar cart that I LOVED, I just did not find anything really special.  So I decided to go budget on this piece, and purchased this one from West Elm.   I knew there would be lots of opportunity to incorporate vintage items soon enough.



I decided to look for the rest of my storage needs at the local salvage spot.  I visited West End Architectural Salvage and found lots of pieces that would work.  I figured some closed storage would be smart, and decided on this tall metal cabinet on wheels-


I borrowed my husband’s Jeep and got this into the space right away.  Storage complete.  Organization of my stuff in storage?  That will take a bit more time.

The next major structural piece is the desk.  This is one I am really struggling with.  I have been through about a hundred options and just don’t feel any are spot on.  I have decided it needs to be clean white or beautiful, vintage and very special.  Apparently both are hard to find, at least ones that really feel right.  So for now, my knock-off Saarinen CB2 table will be doing the desk work.



I always find it very helpful to create a full picture of the space with collaged images before moving on at this stage in a design. It is important for me for the feel of the space, the je ne sais quoi.

Here are a few of my working schemes-







Next week, vintage and antique seating pieces and artwork!





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hi ho,looking good. the desk top is important .i would think a few wonderful boards for the top would work. maybe a great old door. looking forward to it`s development.

I love your design boards! I viewed your first post for the one room challenge… Your office space is amazing!! It’s going to look incredible! I’m redoing my home office… It’s tiny, but I’m excited for the overhaul. I’m excited to follow your transformation!

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