one-room-challengeWell, I cannot lie, this week has been a bit slow on the office design front.  However, a few good things happened!  I had a bit of time over the weekend to shop and found a few gems at the local antiques spot.  I am quite happy with these two beautiful frames and the framed print.  At first I thought I needed to find something to go into the frames, however, I am beginning to love them as they are, with the original, highly textured wood backs showing through the glass.





I also decided to go practical and budget-friendly and simple on the desk with the CB2 go-cart desk on wheels, all metal, and in all white.


The metal is practical since I tend to mark up and dent wood and mdf desks when I sketch on them.  Powder-coated metal is a great material for wear and tear.  And if I am seeing clients in the office, I don’t want a dirty desk.  The wheels also relate nicely to my rolling metal cabinet.

I also chose some pillows from my stock to use on my (coming soon) antique settee.  Keeping to my overall palette, I have black & white with some textured linens with just a few hints of warm colors.


Next week I will have a settee in place, more artwork and hopefully a few accessories.  Stay tuned.


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what a great combination! it’s so interesting to see how simply sticking to a palette makes so many styles work together — industrial, mid-century, and Victorian (? frames).

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