one-room-challengeThings are starting to take shape this third week of the One Room Challenge!  I have clarified my overall plan and identified key aspects of the design that need to be in place-

  • Clean, Minimal, Modern: white walls and white desk
  • Graphic Black & White: upholstery fabrics and modern artwork, hide rug, Kate Spade lamp
  • Light Industrial: metal cabinet and shelves
  • Neoclassical References: unfinished traditional painting, statuary & architectural prints
  • Warm Textures & Tones: wood framed chairs, deconstructed settee and seagrass storage baskets, with a few touches of brass and gold metals



Now, I need to implement all of these elements for real!  Over the past week I have had some luck on the shopping front, procuring a concrete urn from the Home Goods gardening department which functions perfectly as my wallpaper sample storage.  ‘Neoclassical statuary’, check.


I also had some luck rummaging through my stash of miscellaneous bits and pieces collected over the years, and found these two prints I completely forgot about.  I just adore them and had them framed in gold.  ‘Clean minimal’ and ‘warm metals’, check.


I hung this wonderful modern print that I already owned, from Katie Brennan.  ‘Graphic black and white’ check.  (actually it is deep navy blue, which adds a nice dimension to the scheme)-


I also purchased an original abstract painting from a painter I have worked with on several custom commissions for clients, Cora Stjernholm Bicknell.  I saw the painting earlier in the year, and it felt just like me.  Cora is currently working on a custom piece for me to fulfill the ‘unfinished, classical art’ element in my concept.  Cannot wait to reveal this piece!


I also brought in a few of my stocked chairs that I thought might work in the mix.  In concept they are the right direction, but not quite perfect.  I need that warm wood element rather than the chrome, which is feeling too cold in the space.




I also have a stand-in for the ‘deconstructed settee’, one of my chairs currently for sale, which adds the right texture, but is not substantial enough.  Lucky for me I have the perfect unfinished settee in storage just waiting for a ride over to the office in my Jeep this weekend!


And I think perhaps I have even found a few white desks that excite me a bit more.  I am considering the strut from Blu Dot, one of my favorite modern design companies.  I like this because it is clean and minimal, but also has a hint of industrial-


So, great progress has been made, and I can see a clear direction ahead of me.  I hope next week I can get most of the items in place and see what holes need to be filled.  Here is where I am at.  Still lacking in the overall mix, but starting.  These walls are very white and very tall, so artwork is going to be very necessary!  I need to get the abstract hung!



Here is the other side of the room, looking a bit anemic right now.  A few weeks ago I found this amazing piggy bank which I just could not live without.  He is a bit out of ‘concept’, but I think he fits in for now, anyway.  Will see if he stays.  I hope so!





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love the piggy.he or she looks like he or she is hanging tight,and afraid those big bad wheels are going to fly away.but piggy is staying on forever.i hope!!!

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