A few weeks ago I shared some history of two chrome director’s chairs I purchased and was in the process of refurbishing. I promised to show some ‘after’ photos. I am really happy with the end result, and I have to say I am loving them sitting in my office as guest chairs… I will be sorry to see them go when they find a new owner, but I was once wisely asked “Are you a furniture dealer or a collector?” Well, both I suppose, but I probably have enough of a personal collection at the moment :)  But oh, how they reflect on my high-gloss black floor!



I had several people tell me to do these in a black and white cow hide, which yes, would have been fab, but I think there is such a nice relationship between the ‘X’ of the chrome base and the lines in this fabric.  I love that the lines in the fabric are not perfectly straight or too angular, like the chair base.  And the fabric is quite hefty, with quite a bit of texture that you can only see close up.




Two of them are ready and waiting for a new owner…




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