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Recently I have been drawn to images in magazines, instagram, pinterest, etc that are flush with delicate florals that don’t scream ‘grandma’.  As I contemplate some design projects of my own and look for  inspiration, I decided to collect some interior pics with florals that work in a modern way, in spaces that don’t feel overly dowdy while still referencing historic styles.

This can be a very hard thing to do, as many florals can feel very ‘British country home’ or very ‘little old lady’ in a very traditional sense.  They need some punch and something modern to pull them out of their stupor.  I know many people enjoy the shabby chic look that is heavy on vintage florals together with antique vases, white cabinets, lace, etc, but this is somewhere I just cannot go.  No offence intended at all.


I absolutely adore this office space featured on domino.com.  This is a perfect way to incorporate a very traditional English style rose print into a modern space.  This wallpaper and sofa combo is to die for and it works so well because of its almost total lack of color, and because it is paired with minimal, clean lined pieces throughout the rest of the space.

modern floral wallpaper lonny

vintage florals modern space lonny

lonny office florals modern


I was also impressed by this space I happened upon in House Beautiful’s website in an article they named ‘Not Your Grandmother’s Sofa: 5 Stylish Floral Designs’, despite the fact that is not quite my style.  It is highly playful and bright, and not dowdy.  Yet the sofa fabric absolutely references tradition, as well as a very mid-century Marimekko look which plays well with the traditional lines of the coffee table and zebra rug.

modern floral prints house beautiful


I love this Oyster Bar in San Francisco featured on Architectural Digest, with its custom designed wallpaper that is very mid-century Hawaiian barkcloth but someone also feels quite Old World and Spanish to me.  The simple black and white check floors, painted Bentwood chairs and rich woods and plants make it feel old and new all at once.

leos oyster bar custom designed wallpaper


I am very excited to see the end results of a friend’s space that I have been helping out with a bit, seeing as she just purchased this amazing paper from Cole & Son!  Cole & Son has a wonderful ‘Contemporary Restyled’ line that has reinvented several of their very iconic, traditional prints.  Definitely keeping them in mind for future projects.

6-19-2016 9-00-17 PM


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