It is so nice to see some furniture and decor companies returning to American manufacturing these days.  Sure, tables sold at Target or Walmart are likely not going to be made in America anytime soon, but it is no longer a rarity to see higher end, more unique pieces made here.

While attending a conference in Atlanta this spring, I met Bruce Andrews, a transplant from Scotland who is now making beautiful, bespoke furniture in America.  His small collection focuses on exquisitely detailed chairs (you see we are kindred spirits) with a definitive Scottish and Victorian feel without being overly traditional or dowdy in any way.  The lines, scale and proportion of his Highland chair certainly recalls a grand manor house library.  The piece very much makes me want curl up next to a fireplace with a glass of scotch and a classic novel.  Hardy or a Bronte sister perhaps?


Actually, the collection is really only two quite similar chairs, but these two feel like many with their own personality dependent on the fabric, wood and detailing.

bruce andrews skye chair bruce andrews highland chair bruce andrews anne chair


I absolutely adore the website and elegant branding focused on grand vistas of the Scottish Highlands.




Although, I do find it quite fascinating and maybe a bit odd that such a British feeling product with British branding is made in America.  Larger market perhaps?  Or maybe there actually is a reasonable infrastructure of American Made that makes sense do to this here, now.  Whatever the reason, it is lucky for us!  Happy 4th!

All photos from the Bruce Andrews website.  Please visit to learn more!




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