madcap cottage

Lately I have seen the designer duo of Madcap Cottage pop up in various places.  It seems they are making a great national name for themselves at the moment.  They have a highly playful, colorful and quite traditional style which, frankly, I am pleasantly surprised to see in this MidMod-heavy era.  They describe their style like this- Imagine a British country house that pairs Granny’s antiques and a spirited dash of Chinoiserie chic with a soupçon of Morocco-meets-India élan. Shake, stir, then pour.” 

I always enjoy seeing a designer or firm get their 15 minutes after many years of hard work.  It would seem the catalyst for much of their newfound recognition is from their move to North Carolina from New York.  They still do work in New York, however, they opened a shop and completed a major renovation of their own home in North Carolina.

madcap cottage n carolina home

I believe one of the best ways for designers to show off their talents is do work on their own home.  This means no clients to work around and the ability to show off your own aesthetic.  It worked well for me when I did my own little condo reno seven years ago and won an ASID award for it :)  It seems this has worked wonders for Madcap Cottage, as they went from small snippets in national design mags to a full spread in April’s Traditional Home.  They have also produced a line of fabrics with Robert Allen, and products for HSN.  Well done, boys!

madcap cottage gents

Of course I also very much enjoy seeing a design firm that embraces a mix of styles and uses antiques and vintage pieces quite liberally in their interiors.  Madcap may be a bit over-the-top for my personal taste on occasion, but I do love the whimsy and color of their projects.  Here are photos from their North Carolina home, which is a touch too pastel and fussy for me, but quite fun and fantastic nonetheless-

madcap cottage north carolina

madcap cottage kitchen

madcap cottage dining room

madcap cottage bedroom

To me, this house is just a bit TOO retro, TOO literal Sister Parish.  However, some of their other interiors, the ones that are a bit more modern, richer in color and more masculine overall, are more intriguing to me-


madcap cottage den

madcap cottage bedroom prints

I also love that they have a 1st Dibs site where they sell antique and vintage pieces-

madcap 1st dibs

And several of their Robert Allen fabrics represent their style but are still quite usable in a more subdued interior.  A few of my favorites-

robert allen cove end

robert allen gem palace

robert allen madcap

robert allen mill reef

Looking forward to what these guys tackle next!




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