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I am a bit behind in my blogging this week due to the fact I was overcome by laziness as I spent several days in Southport, Connecticut, mostly on the beach or drooling over the historic homes in the area.

southport fairfield homes

But I am now returned to my routine and just have to share some of my pretty pictures along with a bit of history of the area.  Southport was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.  The town was a key port along the Long Island Sound by the 1830s and was known for their excellent onions which were shipped out by the hundreds of thousands.

While there are many historic homes, there are few that date before 1779, when the British burnt the entire area.  The majority of the homes in the historic district are Greek Revival and Victorian.

Here is one exception from 1734, quite a simple home, but a charmer none the less-

historic residence southport ct

There are very strict regulations regarding any new building or renovations to the area.  I am in favor of such regulations in unique areas like this, as I believe it really is the only way to preserve architectural history.  One case actually make it all the way to the US Supreme Court when a home-owner decided to install a very large, very modern sculpture on his front lawn.  He lost and donated the sculpture to a museum.

Here are a few of my favorites.  A few in the simple New England Colonial style:

southport long island sound charming

southport ct

southport ct charming


And a few Victorian beauties:

victorian house charming

historic homes ct

connecticut charm


I found one excellent new built that I am swooning over.  A great update on a traditional style-

southport new build charming

And my favorites, the Federal and Greek Revivals-

charm connecticut

southport mansions

And it was such a treat to find a hidden detail in this Greek Revival… a painted sky on the underside of the portico complete with golden stars!

greek revival house southport

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the annual ‘Rooms With A View’ event that is held each November, started by the late great interior designer Albert Hadley and continued by Thom Filicia.  It sounds like a charming event, put on with the Congregational Church.  The event is a kind of mini-showhouse, with 12 room vignettes instead of full rooms.  It will have to be on the list for my next New England winter trip.




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