I have always loved Benjamin Moore’s historic color line, but I was quite thrilled when they introduced the Williamsburg collection.  Based on detailed historic research at Colonial Williamsburg, the line is comprised of paint colors inspired by early American paints, and most are exact replicas of these early colors.  And a remarkable amount of them are bright, vibrant and very modern.

I also love that Ben Moore offers the colors in a velvet matte and high gloss finish, making  the paints feel modern and high end.  Everyone is loving unusual paint finishes at the moment so this fits right in with current trends.

They have also done a great job marketing this paint line.  It would be easy for a line associated with Colonial Williamsburg (a place many associate with boring childhood trips full of stuffy old people dressed up as blacksmiths) to feel dated and old.  However, the majority of their promotional material feels crisp, saturated, modern, with a decided splash of Dorothy Draper style.

Here are a few of my favorites:

benjamin moore williamsburg color

benjamin moore williamsburg color PASTELS

I love how they include traditional American furniture styles but keep the spaces feeling modern, minimal and elegant:

benjamin moore williamsburg color beige black


benjamin moore williamsburg color white

benjamin moore williamsburg color brown


One of my issues with paint selection these days is that there are just too many options.  How many pale yellows can you really choose between?  Sure, I want more than one option, but when one paint manufacturer has 18 that are almost identical, it seems a bit ludicrous.  And there are so many paint colors in various fan decks that are just setting people up for failure.  Do you really want the brightest chartreuse you can imagine all over your walls?  In your living room?  Many cannot envision how these colors will actually look in a room and only see a color they like, not one that works as interior or exterior paint.  A paint deck, in my opinion, should not be the same as a Pantone color deck.  The point is not to offer every color in existence.


What is so great about these historic colors is that they really have been time tested.  They all work in a room.  I might not love them all, but they actually make sense for an interior.  And there are only 144 colors total.  A very manageable amount of colors to select from.  This is exactly the type of product I love using in my interiors projects and makes my selection process much easier, as it will for anyone looking for good paint colors.  View them all here.

benjamin moore williamsburg colors



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