I am very excited to introduce my first fabric pattern created by my father and myself.  We are currently working on a collection of five patterns, all inspired by his wallpaper designs developed several decades ago.  Now we are updating, refreshing, and adding to these patterns, all of which drew original inspiration from traditional Japanese, Southeast Asian and French origins.  I know I should wait and reveal them all together as a cohesive whole, but I am just too impatient.  So here is the pattern ‘Nara’, in three colorways and repeat sizes (of course black, white and grays will be featured prominently, and I had to throw in my signature deep teal, the color of Christa Pirl Furniture’s branding!)

The fabrics shown here are printed on a linen/cotton blend that is only suitable for throw pillows and the like, however, I do have a 100% cotton twill available that is suitable for light upholstery and drapery.

Price per yard for the linen/cotton blend: $92
Price per yard for the 100% cotton: $112
Trade discounts available.  Samples available.



Please check back soon for some fab throw pillows made up in all three of these fabrics.

Any input or constructive criticism is much appreciated!

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Christa Pirl

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