I love to see Sotheby’s expanding their marketing into non-traditional auction house realms, with their recently opened gallery and now their first designer showhome in New York.  And what a wonderful concept, with six designers able to raid the upcoming sales lots and select items for the showhome!  Can you imagine having full access to the Sotheby’s warehouse for furniture and art shopping?!  What a dream come true for any designer that appreciates antiques and fine art.  Yes, I would be in absolute heaven.

And the best part about what Sotheby’s is doing, is that they are promoting the use of antiques in a contemporary context, a philosophy and cause very close to my heart, and they actually make a wonderful statement about this on their website-

“We hope that these spaces will demonstrate how good pieces of fine and decorative art can transcend time and space and that the dialogue between these pieces within a contemporary context not only allows the viewer an opportunity to reflect upon the pieces’ historical and art historical importance, but also gives these pieces new meaning and significance in the world of today.”

My only regret is that I am not going to be there in time to see it this spring.  My next NY trip just barely misses it.  Oh well, its on the calendar for next year! (Oh, and of course, there is the other regret that I will likely never be asked to be a contributing designer… but one can always dream!)

More info on the showhome here.

Christa Pirl

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