Happy New Year!

After a great relaxing holiday with plenty of ‘lounging’, I am ready for the new year!  While 2013 was a hugely exciting year with lots of fantastic interiors projects (and lots of late nights), I have decided to take the interiors business down a notch this year and give myself some time to focus a bit more on other aspects of the design world also close to my heart.  I look forward to expanding my new furniture business and spending more time writing about design, here and hopefully elsewhere.  I miss my days at Sotheby’s Institute where much of my time was spent looking at fine objects and researching their history.  I hope to bring a bit of that world into my everyday life this year.

So, my business resolutions are-

1. Find time to enjoy design all around me (can’t pass a greek key without a pic!)

Happy New Year

2. Spend time developing my long term business plans; where do I want to be in ten years?

3. Find new areas of interest in design and start reading and researching and learning again.

Happy New Year

4. Visit more museums and look at more decorative art objects (but no touching!)

I look forward to sharing lots of exciting developments in the year to come, and thanks for the support over the years here!

Christa Pirl

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