It is hard to say I feel creative and inspired every day at work, and there are time I get bogged down with spec sheets, budgets, and project management, and I loose site of the fun of my profession.  So it is always a great treat to hear a successful designer speak about his career and passion for design; it always gets me fired up about my field once again.  This past week I was lucky enough to hear Mr. Larry Laslo give a talk at Hamilton Park’s furniture showroom here in SLC.  Laslo is on Elle Decor’s 2013 A-list, quite an honor, and has a long and illustrious career designing private homes and retail properties throughout the US as well as textile and furniture lines to his name.  
In Elle Decor he sums up his style-
“My work is classic, but with a surprising twist.  There’s that edge that tells you it’s 2013, not 1998”. 
Elle Decor says of him- 
“He creates crisp interiors that pull freely from different periods, and the unexpected elements often come from striking contemporary artworks or bold combinations of colors.”
I hope to have a similar write-up in the magazine when I am on their A-list one day :)





In addition to just being great at his job and showing very pretty pictures at his lecture, what is so great about Laslo and pretty much all the iconic, celebrity designers, is that they are utterly convincing that they love every second of their job, and they simply live and breath design.  There is a great passion, even after decades in the business that is so inspiring.  So after a few days of mundane design work, Laslo was the perfect kick in the pants I needed to get some inspiration going!
Thanks Mr. Laslo and thanks to Hamilton Park for getting him to leave Manhattan and Palm Beach to come all the way over to little SLC!
Christa Pirl

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