I often spend far too much time in the mornings looking through featured properties in the Wall Street Journal Mansion section, and yesterday, was quite struck by 2 properties.  While I was totally intrigued initially, I was completely disappointed by the lack of continuity through the project as I moved through the images.

The first is this amazing house located on a island in the Thames just outside Reading, England.  For sale for only 11 million, I was completely taken by the sheer romanticism of the Neoclassical exterior and lush gardens.  I think I see Jane Austin somewhere in the background, don’t you?



Yet, I was terribly disappointed by the very mediocre updated interiors, which feel as though they could be in any McMansion; there is barely any sign of the amazing architecture on the interior.




The interiors are perfectly nice, I just wish something on the outside followed inside…no amazing staircase?  No oversized, beefy Greek crown molding?    No massive stone fireplace?  Granted, all of these things may well have been destroyed over the years, or never been there in the first place, but there is such a disconnect, it makes me sad.

The other featured property that quickly gave me the same feeling was this stunning loft in Greenwich Village in NYC, available for rent for $30,000/month.  The exterior is fantastic, and the main living space is to die for, just what a raw loft should be…



But then moving into the private spaces, the tone completely changes and the rough loft feeling starts to disappear in the kitchen (have we been transported to Park Ave all of a sudden?)…


And disappears even more in the bedroom and bathroom…(not a fan of the wallpaper, esp not in an original loft space, and the bathroom looks like it could exist in some mid-range hotel in my opinion)…
At least the property redeems itself with an amazing rooftop garden space.  The ultimate NYC luxury.
Christa Pirl

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