I recently did some hand sketching, something I very rarely do these days, and I found it so fun and quite relaxing. I fear such hand sketching in design is becoming more and more of a rarity as computers slowly take over for our hands. I used to sketch elevations and plans on a regular basis even 2-3 years ago, and now I often do all drawings in CAD. How I miss the days I spent wandering museums sketching furniture and decorative details… I think I will try to hand sketch more in the future.


Christa Pirl

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As a student of yours, I always loved to see your hand drawings and rendering examples. We had impressionable conversations about how well clients can relate to hand drawn work. Now, at my Ai campuus in Colorado, a group of us Interior Design students meet weekly to draw by hand! Thank you for your beautiful influence, Christa. Best, Nicole

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