I subscribe to a number of design magazines, and every once in a while I see a project that just mesmerizes me.  It does not happen too often, and when it does, it usually involves one or both of these two things- 1. France 2. Neoclassicism.  The recent project in Architectural Digest by Jean-Louis Deniot has both.
This wonderful renovation in Paris by an American couple speaks to me on so many levels.  Not only the basic fact that it is in my all-time favorite city, but also that it is decorated in the most elegant and refined neoclassical style, and that it is done completely in subtle shades of grays and taupes, with accents of blacks and whites (my favorite color palette), but it also seems the couple who purchased and renovated the property has acted out my own future (or so I hope).  After having loved Paris from afar for many years, the couple finally decided to retire to Paris, purchase this wonderful place, and enjoy their golden years in the City of Lights.  Of course there was a time I hoped to move to Paris in my youth and stay for the rest of my life (while I did move there in my youth, I was not quite blessed enough to stay longer than one year), now I would be overwhelmingly content with a week in Paris every year or so and the prospect of retiring to the grand old city one day in the future.  Sounds a whole lot better than a retirement home in Florida to me!  Anyway, I hope one day I may be able to create such a jewel of a space in such a jewel of a city!  Thanks for publishing this beauty, AD!






And I have to say, my all time favorite room in the place has to be this lovely bathroom!
Christa Pirl

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