It is always so fulfilling when a design project for someone other than myself embodies all of my design ideals and desires.  This humble house turn glam between the University and Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City was an absolute joy to work on.  And it goes without saying that an amazing client is always the kernel of a great project, and a client who shares my design vision is a wonderful bonus.  I doubt I have to draw the connections with my own home…a warm neural base palette with splashes of boldness in the red/pink spectrum, reupholstered and reinvented antique pieces, and an overall feeling of melding old with new.  Please enjoy.






Christa Pirl

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This is beautiful. What a fabulous job you did! I love it, which is good since I live there. Thanks Christa as always you amaze me.
By the way I love those chairs in a previous post. Beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

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