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I must say I am happy to hear that house sizes are decreasing in the United States. I understand a universal desire for more space, however, for me, there is some special quality to a small home that cannot ever compete with the cavernous. There is a usefulness to spaces that don’t exist in large homes… in large homes there just seems like so much waste. And I don’t mean everyone should live in a 500 sq ft condo. But I like to see people considering what they actually require in terms of space and using that space well. And again, there is just a different something about a small home…it is inevitably more cozy, more distinct and more unique, in many instances. (Of course huge homes can have that special quality and small can lack it, however it is more unusual in my experience, in particular with builder homes).

So, as Salt Lake City contemplates the use of smaller spaces, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. And while many times small spaces lend themselves to cleaner more modern lines, there is by no means any reason why one cannot go uber traditional with a tiny space.

Here is a project from the book ‘The Not So Big House’ that is 1700 sq ft and pretty darn cute in my opinion.  I always enjoy building up instead of out (must be my manhattan roots) and think of all the great exercise one would get!




I love this small condo in NY courtesy of AD, and how much space has been relegated to the entry foyer.  A true sense of entering the space certainly helps define it.  And all the light, all the shiny surfaces to reflect the light.



And probably one of my favorite recent small spaces with no holds barred….the pink condo also in NY also from AD.  It speaks for itself…(but I will say I just love the amazing tranformation of a long, dull white hallway to this space.  If I lived here I would want to spend all my time in the hallway!)



Christa Pirl

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