I know, I know, everyone with a design blog has already ohh‘d and ahh‘d over the King’s Speech sets many months ago.  While I shall ohh and ahh (ohh, ahh), I will also note how remarkably diverse the interiors and furniture was in this film.  So many production directors get obsessed with creating a perfect time capsule of a certain period, and loose sight of the fact that nobody (even the uber wealthy) throws everything away each time a new style shows up.  Here the members of the crown moved from one historic period to the next in every palace or public building they entered, and the commoner mixed every style he could find in the same room- BRILLIANT Mr Rush.

I was able to identify interiors and furniture from pretty much every major style…baroque, rococo, neoclassical, empire, victorian revivals and art deco.  What a feast for my eyes as well as a wonderful history lesson of the world of decoration.  I am threatening to show this to my history of interiors students and make them pick out each style as we go along 😉

Christa Pirl

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