A few weeks ago I was quite taken by the “Super White” interiors of Danish shop owner Tine Kjeldsen that were published on Apartment Therapy.  View them here.  I just love the freshness and light that oozes from this Danish home.  And the contrast between the crisp white and very textural, natural woods and woven sisal carpets.  I was so inspired in fact, that I dug out some Scandinavian home magazines in search of some other Northern white interiors. While these homes must be something of a nightmare to maintain (I find it hard enough with a black&white sofa, let alone a pure white one), I just love the effect.  I imagine no small children or large dogs are allowed.  Enjoy!

A beach house close to Stockholm:





A crisp country kitchen:


A 1938 modernist dream home outside Oslo:


And another Norwegian modernist home from 1937 (I love the palest of pale blue kitchen and all those Danish modern furniture pieces):



Christa Pirl

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Hi Christa,

I just love the clean and crisp appeal of the all white interiors but I lack the discipline to try this in my own home. I find that I am drawn to colorful pieces. Perhaps I should try it in one room and see how it goes…

So fabulous to meet you yesterday and "talk shop".

Second Hand Chicks

This beach home is absolutely stunning. I believe the kitchen would be my favorite part. I can almost taste breakfast when I look at the clean yet cozy design.

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