Well, as anyone that reads this blog or has ever employed me knows I love a good gallery wall with a well-arranged collection of artwork.  So why do I not have one of my own, one might ask?  Well, now I do.  While it is still a work in progress, I do enjoy it quite a bit more than the very large blank wall that existing in the spot prior.  My bathroom is pretty much the only drab room still in existence in my condo…and it is time to begin remedying that.  So while I do want to repaint, add a ridiculous mirror decal just for fun, and a new shower curtain, I started with hanging some artwork I have had sitting around for some months.

The best way to create a gallery wall is to use similar colors but use lots of different shaped and sized mediocre artwork (unless of course you are actually in possession of great artwork, then feel free to use that).  You see, grouping items together makes them read as one entity, and your eye does not truly focus on each piece of work, so it does not matter if each is mediocre.  It is also important to create an overall border which gives the works a unity, but then you must break that constraining box- just barely.  See the lower right piece which sits just below the bottom edge of the others, and the mirror which is just below the top edge?  FYI for those of you on a budget-consignment store art is great for such a gallery wall.  So here you have it:

I will be adding to it as I find appropriately sized and colored items.  It is a mixture of items I have found on my travels, such as the Celtic banner, the Italian piazza postcard, the Red Square watercolor, and the wonderful Russian icon painted onto a cupboard door which I purchased from a little old ‘babushka’ lady in Moscow.  None are worth anything, but hold fold memories and are great story-starters.  These are mixed with consignment store/estate sale finds of even lesser value (I would LOVE to say they are one-of-a-kind antiques, but I fear that is just not the case).


Christa Pirl

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Again, you've motivated me. My gallery wall is still a "thought-in-progress" rather than a "work-in-progress"! The different frame textures and shapes (or lack of frames) adds a lot of appeal. Nice job!

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