On January 23rd, Sotheby’s will be auctioning off the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Hascoe, he was an engineer (with many major semiconductor patents) and she a scientist. They sure had taste in furniture and art, these two left-brainers. A few of my favorite pieces are:

this wonderful pair of Queen Anne chairs for $15,000-$30,000:

A great little klismos chair estimated at $7,000- 9,000:

This lovely Federal serving table:

And of course I am partial to this fab Duncan Phyfe attributed sofa estimated at $5,000-15,000:

Although I must say I prefer my upholstery, theirs is probably original:

In addition to such classics, they have a great collection of randon items, like the Dali ‘La Venus Aux Tiroirs’, a wonderfully witty and surreal sculpture for only $800-$1200:

A Norman Rockwell painting:

A collection of 18 silver goblets by Tiffany for only $2,00-3,000, how great would these be for the next cocktail party?:

And while I was diapointed to see no grand guardian lions for sale, they did have this terracotta eagle for $2,000-3,000 which I think would look quite handsome next to my lion:


Sigh, to have $50,000 and a ticket to New York…..

After drooling over these items for far too long, I read the couple’s Greenwich, CT home was also up for sale by Sotheby’s.  Of course I have much experience with this part of the world, as I did spend my high school years a few towns over.  I was quite hesitant to view a very expensive home in Greenwich, as I know most of these are quite hideous and over-the-top.  However, I had hope since these two had such great taste.  Despite the fact they did pretty much find the best location in all of CT:

The interiors left me severely disapointed. How can you house such beauty in such ugliness?!

How I long to see their wonderful antiques in a quaint New England period manison of this nature….

Or even this:

Both of the above beauties are in Litchfield, CT, a very different type of town.  For more great items in the sale, visit Sotheby’s where you can see a video of the home and the one cool feature- an atrium room where the inlaid stone floor sinks down and fills with water to convert a pool.  Sure its excess at its best, but hey, why not?  It’s not like the home was built during a finacial crisis.

Christa Pirl

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