My hubby knows me pretty well, and one of his Christmas presents to me this year, was Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles 2011 Price Guide.  It is quite the tome of random items, some of which have sold for quite impressive prices in the recent past.  An ideal gift for a hoarder of all things old like me.

While I always enjoy reviewing the current pricing of fine antique furniture and a, what is so much more fun in this publication, is the random ‘collectibles’ which I must admit, sometimes I wonder just who collects these collectibles.  And who pays such prices for them….

A few good examples are:

This Planter’s Peanut sign from the 1930s or 40s, which is actually worth a whopping $16,100!  Frankly I find Mr. Peanut not nearly as dandy-ish and charming as he is these days…I find this version a bit creepy and slightly evil looking.

Of course I have great appreciation, as do many museums around the world, for great ceramics made by great producers such as Sevres, Rookwood or Grueby, but I must admit there are some pieces by lesser known producers in which I struggle to find the appeal.  For example, this Hull Pottery pitcher, worth $375.  Nice, sure.  Sweet, sure.  But really?  Almost $400?  I am glad everyone has differing tastes.

And then we come to the world of cookie jars, which is a world unto itself.  The prices are certainly nowhere near Mr. Peanut, but still, over $100 for this fine specimen?  I will be keeping a lookout during the spring estate sale season, that’s for sure.

Movie posters are another world unto themselves, but I have to admit many of these are really quite cool.  But again, somewhat creepy.  That seems to be a theme here…

Creepy but still pretty awesome, this poster (worth $89,000!!!) for a 1923 movie called Hollywood, featured all the leading silent film stars of the day.  Not sure why Hollywood was associated with the inside of this guy’s mouth…..

Happy New Year!

Christa Pirl

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