Who would have thought the MoMA Store would be a great place to find affordable pieces of design?  Recently I have been working with some younger clients which is lots of fun.  Despite the fact they have somewhat smaller budgets, they are also very open to different design ideas and just having some fun with their space.  Often I troll the standards such as CB2 and West Elm, but I am always on the lookout for modern design that is not DWR or Hive Modern expensive.  One day it dawned on me to have a quick look at some museum store websites, and low and behold, MoMA Store was actually quite affordable!  I was thrilled to find funky light fittings, great rugs, and general interesting chachka….something different.  And everything is online so no need trek to midtown Manhattan (although it would have been a good excuse…)!  Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Phrena Hanging Lamp for only $92.00:

And the Midsummer lamp also only $92:

And this cool coffee table for $129:

The Unfinished Clock that sits on the edge of a shelf or ledge and is fully functional for only $47:
Love the loop candelabra for $28!

And how cool is the Conceal bookcase where all hardware is hidden and all you see are floating books?! $15:

Of course there are quite a few pricy items at the store too, but I must say I was quite impressed with the selection of affordable and different items.  Thanks MoMA!  Now if I could only afford some of the things in the museum….

Christa Pirl

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You are based in Salt Lake City, correct. I am impressed if your clients are responding to this type of design. SLC must have progressed since I last graced that fair city.

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