I am sure the Oval Office redo is already old news, but I feel I need to throw my two cents in anyway.  First, I must say that I DO understand it is the Oval Office and therefore needs to be somewhat restrained.  And I also understand we are in the greatest recession since the Depression and no one wants to see Obama spending a fortune on an elaborate Oval Office redesign.  However, why bother at all when you end up with this?  And I hear the cost is equal to any other Oval Office redesign.

I don’t get it. Especially when you are using Michael S. Smith (not confirmed or denied by the White House, however it is generally assumed he is the designer). Why bother? I was quite impressed with the choice of Smith when announced, as he does work which is quite refined and traditional yet also bold and fun. He is not a stuffy designer despite being traditional. However, this, I would say, is not Smith at his best. Overall I am disappointed. Maybe Obama wants to be seen as a ‘man of the people’, but I think this is going a little too far. This dull beige den furniture does not belong in the Oval Office…in my humble opinion.
Here is some of Smith’s better work. I don’t know about you, but I see NOTHING of this great design in the Oval Office space:


I hate to say it, but I do believe good old Bush (W) did it better.  This design is quite refined, as I feel appropriate for the location, however its not homey, its elegant and also throws in some color and pattern lacking the the Obama version.
Even though I do not care much for Clinton’s version, at least it has some grandeur, some style, and some color!
So there.  My two cents.  Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?
Christa Pirl

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