Last weekend as I was perusing a local flea market, I came across the above architectural remnant which I could simply not resist.  For some reason any broken down somewhat classically inspired hunk of stone just calls to me.  Luckily, this hunk of stone was priced extremely well, at only $20! Sold.  How perfect, now I have a stately crest outside my front door, and a stately lion inside.  OK, os it might not be the most stately crest ever….sure, its a little small…maybe the term ‘dinky’ could even be used.  But hey, its still cool, right?  Just not quite as impressive as some of these:



But hey, I am in Salt Lake, not Paris, and it was only 20 bucks.  I will take what I can get.
My little condo is beginning to scream aristocrat.  Well, I am still working on it, but it’s coming along. Next purchase: some ivy, growing up the crest….
Although my condo board might not be so thrilled if I go too crazy with the ivy :)
Christa Pirl

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I have a few garden gnomes in my yard (my girl friend made me ax the lawn jockies). I also feel very aristocratic. Have you any thoughts regarding lawn flamingos?

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